By Karla Malaquias On 09/30/18 21:18 Updated at 08/18/20 11:52

The research group has been working in the Natural Products Chemistry area, within the themes: Prospecting Cerrado species with biological activities, Synthesis and Semisynthesis and structural modifications of molecules based on Natural Products, Chemical Ecology and Development of Chromatographic Methods.

Research lines

- Development of Chromatographic Methods and Quality Control.

- Chemical Ecology: Study of the interactions between organisms and their environment, as well as the characterization of the mediators compounds of these interactions.

- Prospecting Cerrado Species with Biological Activity.

- Natural Products Chemistry: Isolation and Characterization of secondary metabolites.

- Síynthesis, Semisynthesis and Structural Modification of molecules based on Natural Products.


Liliane Nebo (Coordinator)

Claudinei Alves da Silva

Karla S. Malaquias

Ricardo Alexandre Figueiredo de Matos




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